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for watching. >> these men have just received a call and need to move out fast. they're part of the self-defense force in western ukraine. for now, they're the authority here. having driven out politicians and police loyal to the former got. i'll be riding along on their atrol. he is clearly on edge as we race through the city at 100 kilometers an hour. he's barely slepped in days and pushed himself to his limit. he tells me about the callout. he says the casino was attacked. they will be making sure no one gets hurt and nothing is plundrd. but they're too late. the perpetrators are long gone. whether criminals or residents venting anger, he can't say. he secures the building and places it under guard. he is a lawyer by profession, not a policeman. but these are extraordinary times. he says the self-defense force is needed until the situation is stabilized and the police can resume control. but that can only happen after the police ranks have been scrutinized and sanitized. police headquarters, this is where the opposition militia has set up their command center. from here, coordinating operatio
. they are willing to switch sides. ukraine cost millions -- ministry of defense has denied those reports. they might follow the example of the navy commander. >> you are at the scene of the standoff. what can you tell us about what you saw? situation can be described as a war of nerves. it is between russian soldiers and the ukrainian forces. the russians have brought dozens of military vehicles. there at the ukrainian army base. they are there to stay. on the other side, isaiah ukrainian soldiers and many of them were very young and ill-equipped. they were not very experienced. they were standing behind gates and looking at the russian troops. my impression is that ukrainian soldiers were scared. they were frightened. >> thank you for joining us. thank you for that report. pressure is mounting from the west. john kerry called the russian military an incredible act of aggression. he warned moscow that they could lose their membership in the group of eight nations. they may have economics options -- sanctions. there was a crisis meeting in brussels. -- heto chief warned that urged russia to stop its
been increasing military maneuvers it's based on the korean peninsula. that prompted nato defense ministers meeting in brussels to issue a stern warning to moscow now ukraine's new prime minister i say me get things set me up says he's focusing on the political solution urging russia to cooperate with ukraine. this is the man whose task it is to lead ukraine autobots crisis. pro european politician are singing gets a new parliament confirmed him as a new prime minister by a nearly unanimous margin. on the night and gets a new show himself to be a tough advocate of afro european courts. something he plans to stick it in his new office to show them so the new european integration as the central topic of the ukrainian government. it means visa free travel for ukrainian citizens. that means an agreement with the eu on political and economic integration with the free trade agreement. yet singles is only thirty nine years old but he's already served as parliamentary speaker. economics minister and foreign minister maliki faces gigantic problems political instability and billions in tax
and great with the west for the kiev protests turned deadly. self defense groups in ukraine's crimea patrol the two main airports of the physical feats new authoritieshi him hot wars last line and gum on china condemns america's human rights record saying washington's failing to live up to its standards. left out in the cold that your struggles to deal with port's apprentice. despite millions of houses across the continents diving in the new . it's the dream it's good that speeds up the match which took four hours a day in his first news conference since being ousted from power ukraine's impact will present the connecticut which has vowed to fight on. speaking from southern russia he insisted he was still ukraine's legitimate leader and accuse heel position of staging it can do with the help of pro fascist forces. meanwhile the current authorities in kiev to stop the presses have yet to be expedited. these are the biggest job was in most of all moved on in russia to hear the words of defiance from the deposed president his eyes as he is imprisoned in a president is as positive and not in pe
's a clear provocation. he was forced out of his country but on future have already taken of defense the control of the peninsula will go live to moscow and cranny after this report. these heavily armed military units hand surrounded my knee is main airports. in deciding who gets an end to dismount the soldiers where you can see the ice and refused to say to his canadian borders the ukrainian government has no doubt. it says russia has sent in thousands of troops the new government and calls it an invasion the club. she seriously this russian presence on the territory of premium is nothing but a provocation the squirrel russia's attempts to draw ukraine into military conflict have failed. it's easy for the red sea in the building. nt and this is more than just a power struggle with moscow the leadership in crimea itself has taken an aggressively pro russian stance. the new prime minister of the autonomous region has taken command of security forces to move toward a referendum on tiniest future to the end of march and construction for assistance. judo she was in the last i ask the rus
self defense and stop protecting the rights of the russian speaking minority and resisting terrorists. but he added most and would only use force announced results it was new for now there is no need to use military force in ukraine southern region of crimea. russia has the option to do so yet. corzine paying down the threat of immediate invasion. he's keeping his options and ten. these russian warships steaming coffee stand alone on their way to crimea often and it's the most when he's not about to die down. of course you sent us to hold small brush and the two vessels on to the new clean sheets. needing to come down to the team is in control. the cowboys after class went to heal them are standing by in kiev as the sea of a misty and shrubs in kiev get it. the deal he's going to be told him to need as was the kremlin has said it does not recognize what it can be hoping to achieve getting used to that as i say it is a tell it anymore he told me she didn't end up not about now like status within the pasta alla he was in this area of the sled pay off his feet to the protests that he was
you tell us what is happening in washington now? >> the secretary of defense, chuck hagel, had a conversation with his russian counterpart today. probably the u.s. is going to condemn any violation of ukrainian serenity. there is no new reaction from president obama yet written as you just mentioned, he said yesterday that there would be costs for any military intervention. he did not say exactly what he meant by that. is he not going to the next g8 summit to russia? is he going to stop trade negotiations or talks with the kremlin? what we see right now are many meetings in the west wing of the white house and the state department. >> he warned russian aunties force. the parliament approved the use of force. what kind of leverage does president obama have in the situation? >> the former ambassador to the united nations, the former american ambassador, said just a couple of hours ago that the u.s. does not have any strong leverage in this. russia has boots on the ground. ukraine is not a member of nato. i think washington does not have any sort of leverage in moscow. but they ha
with the pentagon and with the defense producers. and through the federal reserve system, those directors and branches all around the country, the information was pouring in, showing that the economy was heating up. to martin, inflation was more than a distant threat. it was a present reality. the federal reserve board decided to fight it. in december 1965, they raised the discount rate. johnson hit the ceiling. he announced publicly he would call bill martin, the chairman of the federal reserve, down to the ranch for a tongue-lashing. but raising the discount rate didn't keep inflation from growing. it breaks my heart to go shopping. the war kept growing, too. when neither the administration nor congress applied fiscal restraints, the fed decided to go it alone again. they used an open-market operation. in january 1966, they sold government bonds to tighten up the nation's money supply. interest rates rose dramatically. soon, any business sensitive to interest rates was caught in a credit crunch. the housing industry was hardest hit. the full effect of the fed's solitary action took hold
or show up on dates back to mid may comes around it was the first nations summit to germany's new defense minister was enough on the line. she called on russia to cooperate in managing ukraine's crisis this was known as the sunni interests not just in germany but also nato and russia the ukraine find its way back to stability and we can only come up with a solution by working together. the turmoil in ukraine is a headache than a tent. several member states shall border with the country they don't want its divisions to deepen. with the speed of the ukrainian on olson's of behaving professionally during its domestic crisis and will sadly be encouraging them to continue to do so representatives of the ukrainian government and religion will join mensa for talks in brussels on thursday in other news to islamist extremists have been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of british soldier and the brigade in london last year. rigby was run over and stabbed to death by a man in full view of shot craps. the attack provoked both anger and revulsion of cross for his family has welcomed the head
the russian flag. they called themselves as self defense force for the russian speaking population. on friday unidentified paramilitary units occupied two airports in crimea. there were also russian troop movements on the peninsula the ukraine's parliament called for a un security council meeting and warned russia to respect its borders the red eye that says we are appealing to the russian federation to stop moves that show signs of undermining the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. and to seize any kind of support for separatist movement in ukraine. in order. on friday ousted president victory on a cold which resurfaced in russia after a week on the run. she said he's been forced to leave ukraine because his life was under threat. the red carpet treatment awaited german chancellor of the miracle when she visited london on thursday. she was given the rare honor of addressing both houses of parliament david cameron was hoping for support in his efforts to reform the eu to satisfy the euro skeptics in his party. but the german councilor did not oblige. i'm expecting nice
in self defense. believing him to dance when the house early on monday morning. oscar historians was brought into the courthouse in pretoria his trial will determine the circumstances of his girlfriend's death. was it a tragic accident or murder how do you plead not guilty monday in the trial has generated enormous interest within a day looking at for quite some time now so that i'm his mom. let's get it his stories was the sporting icon in south africa. he and his partner read his team can meet a glamorous couple steve camp of law graduate and women's rights campaigner died one year ago shocked by her partner in his home. it was valentine's day last year when at about four in the morning. neighbors called the police. the reported hearing screams and ten shots police found steam kim's body in the bathroom the stories had chartered through the door. this series was arrested. he said he's not burglars were in the house and fired his gun in the year. not knowing the bullet and hid his lover the one time hero had fallen a double amputee he nonetheless reason to compete in the twenty
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11